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Continuing the Mission of Noah Jacob Shahnavaz

Our Purpose

The Remember Officer Noah Foundation has been created to further Noah’s legacy by unifying citizens to respect and support the military and law enforcement officers. The Remember Officer Noah Foundation will endeavor to:

  • prevent the tragedy of line-of-duty injuries and deaths,
  • promote activities and events to honor Noah while bringing together police departments and the communities they serve, and
  • protect the integrity of Noah, his family and law enforcement officers while providing support to the law enforcement community.

In a world where evil seeks to kill and destroy, our vision is to dwell on the good and to protect others from the unspeakable sorrow that senseless evil brought to our family. Remember Noah as we convert our tears of sorrow to instruments of service for the greater good. Pray with us. Follow us. Join Us. Remember Officer Noah.

Elwood Mourning Badge and Patch
Officer Noah Memorial